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finished swallowtail

4 May 2007 2,322 views 42 Comments


I’ll try to let the pictures do most of the talking.

The Project Details

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark, Interweave Knits, Fall 2006

Yarn: Tilli Tomas Fil de la Mer
in Atmosphere. 60% silk, 40% Seacell. 3 skeins. I won’t use this yarn
again. I love the feel, the drape and the sheen, but each of the three
skeins had at least one knot and one skein had three. Considering that
Tilli Tomas is a self-proclaimed luxury yarn I hoped that their
standards would have been higher. Next time I’ll try Handmaiden’s
SeaSilk instead.

Needles: Size 5 US Addi Lace Turbos. LOVE the pointier tip on the Lace needles.

Started: April 21st, 2007
Finished: April 29th, 2007

Modifications: I knit exactly to pattern with the exception
of the nupps. The first row was done as 5 stitches but then I started
thinking that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish, so the rest of the
lily of the valley charts were knit as 3 stitch nupps instead. (k1, YO,
k1 then p3tog on the WS)

Final Verdict: It’s gorgeous. The drape is
spectacular, it’s soft and it spray blocked beautifully. I love the
single knit stitch spine up the center. Overall I think it’ll keep me
in the Good Daughter-in-law column for a little while longer.



  • Miss T said:

    Beautiful! This shawl is on my list of things to make, but I haven’t decided on a yarn yet.

  • stacey said:

    that is beautiful – the name of the color is great – describes it perfectly! Too bad about the knots though – that is frustrating!

  • xtina said:

    Did you contact TT about the knots? In my experience they are super nice to deal with and I bet she would replace the yarn. What I don’t know: whether or not they have their yarn spun specifically for them or if they have a main supplier (and if that supplier is the same supplier for Handmaiden). Something to consider. And I always think letting folks know about jankiness in their product is always a good thing. I would want to know, wouldn’t you?

  • pamela wynne said:

    that’s gorgeous! one of the prettiest I’ve seen — it’s so silvery and luxe!

  • Ruth said:

    Spectacular! Good DIL indeed!

  • Ann said:

    That’s a bummer about the yarn – and thanks for sharing your knotty experiences … but the end result is gorgeous!

  • Sea Anemone said:

    ooooh, I love it!!! Its absolutely stunning! What a wonderful job.

  • Cathi said:

    It’s gorgeous.
    And speaking of Handmaiden, do you have a special in, being a Canuck and all? Because, damn- that stuff is hard to find!

  • meg said:


  • leslie said:

    It really does talk, and it is saying “look at me in all of my beauty”
    Absolutely perfect!

  • Abbe said:

    Yup, it’s a beaut!

  • elisa said:

    Caro, that shawl is RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous. Sigh…
    The knots in the yarn would have made me bonkers.

  • Karma said:

    So beautiful. And photographs so well, too. Your MIL will treasure it!

  • Andrea said:

    Wow it’s beautiful!! I can’t believe you knit it in such a short time too! Good for you :)

  • Nadia Lewis said:

    Wow! That’s amazing!

  • knittingphilistine said:

    So, so beautiful!

  • melissa said:

    so gorgeous! the color is beautiful. this would look really great on me! 😉

  • Mandy said:

    Triple-decker Wow.

  • FinnyKnits said:

    Wow. With some WOW on the side. That is a gorgeous shall. I tried to pick up my knitting needles last night after being *off* for so long that I could hardly get through a few rows of a leaf pattern without Fing it all up. However, I’d try my hand at it again for something like this. YOWZA!

  • nicole said:

    What a stunner!

  • Julia said:

    You’re right, it is a stunner! Lucky MIL.

  • maryse said:

    it’s beautiful. you better get some brownie points with the MIL — i’ve only knit my MIL sachets and washcloths. ha!

  • Suzanne said:

    Eight days?! It only took you eight days to do that? I’m in shock. I’ve spent the whole morning trying to find a pattern for a wedding shawl for a friend that I can finish in nine months! Eight days?! And it’s gorgeous!

  • stacey said:

    I love this shawl – the color is so understated and the drape looks amazing. I made one with some yarntini in a funky fun color – the nupps about drove me to drink but the outcome was so worth it!

  • Sherry said:

    That is simply lovely!!!!! Great color.

  • alison said:

    Ooooh. Gorgeous!

  • isel said:

    Absolutely stunning. I though about it a lot at the Maryland Sheep and Wool…and might have gotten some luxurious yarn because of it.
    Just gorgeous.

  • Chris said:

    It is absolutely gorgeous – and I love your nupp revision – bet it’s a lot easier to knit.

  • margaux said:

    it’s stunning!! i had made a swallowtail for my boyfriend’s mother (one day I hope to call her my MIL) it does gather so many wonderful Points!! Sorry about the yarn, that stinks! I’m itching to try the seasilk as well, though…

  • Donna said:

    Hi Caro!
    Beautiful shawl! Definitely think it will keep you in the good daughter in law category :)

  • Karen said:

    It’s gorgeous Caro! I’m sure you’ll get lots of points for this one!

  • Suzanne said:

    I’m considering doing this as a wedding shawl for a friend, but I want something a little bigger. Did yours turn out the size of the one in IK? I’m thinking, a little thicker yarn, a little bigger needles, but I’m not sure how that would work out.

  • diana said:

    gorgeous. and thanks for the review of the tilli tomas yarn. i’ll steer clear.

  • Sachi said:

    *love* I want to hug it!

  • Sharon said:

    Absolutely beautiful!
    I love the color…and thanks for the tilli tomas warning. It still looks like yummy yarn, though.

  • yaiAnn said:

    Gosh, it is beautiful! The sheen makes it look so luxurious. Too bad about all those knots. After you spend that money on it, you’d think they’d give you some really quality stuff.

  • marjorie said:

    Lovely. The color and drape are beautiful. I’m planning to make this one eventually, and seeing your fantastic photos makes me think that some silk I have in my stash will be perfect for it.

  • heather said:

    Caro…that is stunning!!!
    It’s got that pearly sheen to it…so beautiful! Does that make up for the knots? A little I bet!

  • kelp! said:

    It turned out lovely, I absolutely adore the color. You’re a speed demon with that shiny yarn!

  • Debbie said:

    Quite beautiful.
    You knit that in 8 friggin days? holy cow! did you sleep at all?

  • Nanc said:

    Your Swallowtail. She is loverly.
    And great pix, ta’ boot.

  • DonnaC said:

    Lovely shawl – the color is PERFECTION. Mine will be for my sister, and it’s taking me more like 38 days than 8!

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