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8 May 2007 2,397 views 26 Comments

If you’re a knitter, you’ve probably heard some of the buzz about Ravelry. I weasled an invite from Maryse the other day and let me tell ya, I’m in LOVE. (With Ravelry, not Maryse. She’s delightful, but I’m a married woman.) They’re adding new users every day and I highly recommend signing up for an invite. It’s still in beta, but damn, it’s goooood.

If you’re looking to start a new project, Ravelry will be the place to go. Yarn information, patterns, other folks FOs, it’s all there. If you want to see a completed Central Park Hoody and want to know who else has knit it and what yarn they used, it’s all in one place. This is going to save me a ton of googling and flickr time when I’m looking for inspiration, samples of completed work or searching for a good yarn substitution.

I spent the weekend uploading most of my projects and finished objects to my Ravelry notebook. I even went back through my stash and photographed it all so I could prettify my stash page. Dig the needle inventory! You can download it to a .pdf to print it out. Brilliant!

Uploading all that information motivated me not only to get organized online, but in my studio too. When I finish something, I usually shove the pattern notes in a drawer to be ‘organized later.’ Turns out, Later was last night. Aaah, stapled, complete, and filed. Almost as good as finishing the project itself!


Quick TV note: If you missed the airing of the Crafty Bucket episode of Uncommon Threads last time, it will be on HGTV Thursday morning (May 10th.) Check your local listings. If you do watch, try not to cringe when I say "paincil" instead of pencil. I was SO hoping that I’d be the only one to catch it, but Meg totally busted me. I sometimes mix words together when I’m thinking faster than I can speak, but pain-cil?  Sheesh!


  • Sachi said:

    Eeek! I’ve been shopping for an invite without really shopping for an invite. I want on this page so bad I can taste it.

  • stacey said:

    getting organized is always empowering, I think. Knowing what you have and where it is – what a feeling!

  • maryse said:

    the part about not being in love with me made me snort

  • Beth said:

    I had signed up for the “notify” thing on the site when I first heard about it a while ago. Still patiently waiting – NOT!
    How does one go about weasling invites from whom? Enquiring minds want to know!

  • Nadia Lewis said:

    I signed up for beta, but I’m still waiting to be added. I can’t wait to get organized. Like Stacey said, it really is empowering. And maybe a bit humbling I think, once I get all my stash in one place.

  • chris said:

    OMG, I am also a woman obsessed . . . I have spent hours and hours going through the discussion group, looking at all the projects and stuff, and trying to decide the best way of going through and getting all my stuff photographed and entered.
    Ravelry is amazing.

  • Amber said:

    I want!

  • anne said:

    man, i can’t wait to get my invite – i signed up for one and i’m a little afraid it’s gotten lost in my spam filter, but i’m trying to be patient nonetheless … but eeeee!! want new toy!!!

  • meg said:

    i’ve been contemplating requesting an invite just because i’m afraid of all the time that it will take to get set up but you just sold me. i requested an invite which means time to clean my stuff up. i love that you organized your patterns like that; i’ve been wanting to do the exact same thing and have a folder and dividers waiting for me.
    paincil, i obviously have no filter but i swear i thought you rocked that show.

  • Chris said:

    WOW. So organized!! I have all of that stuff done on my pda and am not really looking forward to replicating the effort. :(

  • stacey said:

    oh yeah, Ravelry is great. I need more projects and inspiration:) Seriously, lovin’ it! Hope to catch you on HGTV – I’ll pain-cil it in!:)

  • Ruth said:

    Still waiting, waiting, waiting… for a reply, an invite, something…. from the folks at Ravelry. Fiercely resisting the urge to resubmit my info in obsessive and repetitive fashion.

  • Carrie said:

    How am I ever going to wait for Ravelry??? How can I get organized without it???

  • xtina said:

    I just got my invite yesterday and, like you, will be spending (too much) time today re-organizing all my stash and needles so I can put them all in one place all pretty-like. I’m scared of my upcoming documentation of WIPs, though, as I know there will be more than I remember and it will be cringeworthy. Hopefully having it all in one place will help move stuff from WIP to FO. Hopefully. I’m LOVING the needle inventory, yo!

  • nicole said:

    I’ve got the fever, too. I am searching the corners of my memory to find more projects to input!

  • africankelli said:

    Very cool. I love it when technology and my hobbies collide. :)

  • Scoutj said:

    I lost about 2 hours of my life to it the other day. lol
    Looking at your chart scares me. I haven’t gone there yet.

  • LaBean said:

    I wish I had that much motivation.. .I’m also a beta invitee and sadly I don’t even have all the pics of everything I’ve knit, and I’m not even talking about gifts/giveaways that I didn’t photograph before sending off. And some yarn and needle info is missing as well.. But I’ve at least decided that I have to buckle down and really do my inventory.. yay labeling stuff!!

  • molly! said:

    I know, how great is this site!? I sadly discovered that I’ve lost all my old knitting pictures in some computer crash over the past few years, so I will be retaking a bunch of photos too. I can’t wait to have all my projects up there!

  • Jill said:

    How cool! Thanks for the tip on Ravelry – I signed up to be notified

  • FinnyKnits said:

    All I have to say is, “LUCKY!”
    I signed up to be notified. Do you think the “knits” in “Finnyknits” will have any pull? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

  • elan said:

    I signed up to test but haven’t heard back yet, looks really cool!

  • Alexis said:

    What an incredible site. I’m dying to try it.

  • Diana said:

    The Crafty Bucket show was you? I totally caught it and am ready to try to make one!

  • Mei said:

    I’m still waiting for my invite. T.T

  • frecklegirl jess said:

    Belated thank you for this nice post. So glad you are enjoying the site so far!

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