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eye candy friday, finished bathroom edition

18 May 2007 4,422 views 45 Comments

Our contractor estimated that the bathroom remodel would take 1-2 weeks. Having done this sort of thing before, I thought I knew better and planned for an extra week or so beyond the original number. Even with all that planning? We were five weeks start to finish with the hired guns and a week or two for me to find and install the doors, mirror and shelves.

loo after

We went 29 days without any means to shower or have a dunk in the tub so every second or third day we would go to Amy or Meg’s place. Oh sure, there were plenty of bird baths (or Navy showers as my mum calls them) but without good pals, we would have been REALLY stinky. The absolute worst was the week of the tiling. We went 6 days and nights without a toilet in the house. We’d drive up to the grocery store during the day, pee at the neighbours house before bed and used Glaceau water bottles at night. (Hurray wide mouth bottles!) Needless to say, I spent most of that week very dehydrated so I wouldn’t have to use the facilities.

right side high cabinet

The last step to getting it all finished was the tub. It’s a big ol’ cast iron behemoth original to the house and it seemed a shame to just toss it because it was a little dinged up. We wouldn’t have been able to get it out the door anyway, so we left it in place and had it re-enameled. Ta Da! Shiny and new!

tub faucet

All in all, a successfully rehabilitated loo. Ain’t it pretty?

sink and hooks

curved shower rod

(You’ll find the before pictures here.)


  • AmyDe said:

    WooHoo! It’s gorgeous! Now I want one – but first – the kitchen so…

  • jennifer w. said:

    Yikes! So — you’ll probably never look at a Glaceau bottle the same way again, huh? But the result was well worth it – this is one fine looking bano!
    P.S. I received my lovely circular needle holder (+ extra) today! Thank you sooo much! It houses my…er…two…sets of circular needles quite nicely. Room to grow… :)

  • maryse said:

    wow! that bathroom looks fabulous! pee in good health!

  • pamela wynne said:

    Gorgeous new bathroom!! Definitely worth all the trouble.

  • zilya said:

    It looks beautiful. Congrats on getting it all done!

  • isel said:

    Absolutely fabulous! Love the modern look and all the green. 😀
    All your hard work paid off. Definitely worth all the trouble. Beautiful job.

  • Adrian said:

    The tub spigot, in particular, is delicious! The whole room looks wonderful.
    My mother calls those baths “whore’s (pronounced hoors) washes”.

  • Zonda said:

    Gorgeous colors in there! Awesome looking bathroom! I know you are so happy to have a working one again!

  • marisa said:

    I just saw the ‘before’ pictures…it was definitely time for a remodel! awesome job!

  • yaiAnn said:

    Totally worth it! The tiles AND the curved shower curtain rod!

  • Nell said:

    Great job! It’s gorgeous. I’m totally jealous!

  • Carrie said:

    It looks GREAT!

  • Karma said:

    I adore that tile. So fresh!

  • kelp! said:

    Awesome, I love the new look! You’re a super trooper for going toilet-less for so long. Damn!

  • Suzanne V. said:

    Wow! Beautiful! Congratulations! Although, I suppose nothing I could say would mean as much as having a working toilet.

  • PlazaJen said:

    It’s gorgeous! I adore that tile. (That would be uber-cool fabric!)
    Happy bathing on a regular basis! (They don’t make that card at hallmark, I betcha…)

  • Sherry said:

    What a transformation!! It is beautiful!! Poor you on the washing and peeing, but def worth the wait 😀

  • s t a c i said:

    You must be so pleased! It looks great! Are you going to whip up something fancy on the sewing machine to dress that little window?

  • Susan said:

    I like the toilet paper triangle fold. Nice touch!

  • elisa said:

    Holy shit! That looks fantastic! I *love* the bathroom, LOVE IT.

  • Adam said:

    Wow, sounds like you guys put up with a lot of hassle for the last few weeks! But the results are fantastic! The tile is so great!

  • Cathi said:

    Are you sure you don’t need a roomie? I am so crazy in love with teeny tile, although being the crow that I am, I would have tried to do something iridescent. 😛
    You have such great taste- I think you need to go into some sort of interior decoration, but with a cooler name- for interior decorating, not your proper name.

  • Elizabeth said:

    Well, the agony was worth it – your new bathroom is gorgeous! congrats on a successful remodel.

  • Ruth said:

    It looks wonderful – what a difference!

  • margaux said:

    That’s a goregous bathroom!! I love the whole “Two Weeks!” it’s very Money Pit! Lovely Job!!

  • chris said:

    The new bathroom is lovely! Doesn’t it make you want to stay and not move? (ok, a girl can tray, eh?)
    Also, I’m amazed that you went that long without ‘facilities’ . . . I’m not sure I could do it! :)

  • Mia said:

    It was worth the hassle though. It is gorgeous!!!

  • Courtney said:

    That is one fabulous bathroom. It makes me want to go shop for new towels.

  • Jeanne B. said:

    My Mother called them “spit baths”. All I can say is, now I know why it’s good to have a half bath elsewhere in the house. No toilet for six days? I’d never make it. But it paid off. The bathroom is divine! Sparkly and serene. Congratulations.

  • Scoutj said:

    SO pretty!!

  • Jodi said:

    The bathroom looks gorgeous! The tiling is amazing.
    I hate to tell you this, but my in-laws managed to have their bathroom re-done in under a week a couple months ago. They were ecstatic. If you ever live in Milwaukee, those are the people to use.

  • Chris said:

    It’s gorgeous! And hard core about peeing into bottles so it could be done…

  • Donna said:

    Wow..you guys did a fabulous job. It really looks awesome..love the tile : )

  • stacey said:

    it looks beautiful! i love the tile you chose. such hardship is well worth a nightly soak in that beauty of a tub!

  • Julia said:

    Love the tile! Is that an optical illusion or does your shower curtain have a bow in it? I haven’t seen anything like that but it makes a lot of sense. Where did you find the tile? I haven’t seen anything like that at the Home Depot. It’s quite an improvement. I can’t wati to do it at my house.

  • Nanc said:

    Wow – the loo looks fabulous! But I’m sorry to hear about your work arounds and the troubles this caused. (It’ll get funnier the further away, right? Good stories to tell?)

  • ivete said:

    I just stumbled on your blog after following some links and wanted to say I really love how your new bathroom looks! It’s so bright and clean looking without looking too serious, I think you achieved the perfect mix of cute color without going overboard. Good job!

  • Tippy said:

    Awesome! I love *love* the colour. Nothing makes us appreciate indoor plumbing like bathroom reno projects — Bottoms up!

  • Melissa said:

    The tile is spectacular!

  • Mariko said:

    Your bathroom looks great! We have that same sink/vanity deal, and we also have a curved shower curtain. Can I ask where you got your tile? Did you already talk about this? Am I being too nosy?

  • Stacey said:

    So very beautiful…I too have a penchant for aqua. It’s perfect in your bathroom.

  • Karen said:

    Damn I am behind in my blog reading! Your bath came out so beautiful! The tile you chose it just gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!

  • Stacey said:

    Ha ha I was revisiting and just noticed the lovely hotel treatment on the toilet paper…nice touch…no pun intended.

  • wendee said:

    This belongs in some fancy magazine or something. The tiling is fantastic! Lordy, remodels take foreva!

  • Lisa Brideau said:

    Hi – I’m new to your blog and had to comment on this post because your bathroom is so fabulous. It’s seriously incredible. Good job.

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