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8 June 2007 2,291 views 19 Comments

The Hanami stole appealed to me for a few reasons, the primary being it’s not a static pattern. Because it’s asymmetrical, the charts change and you’re rarely knitting the same thing twice. You knit through a chart and you’re on to a different one. There’s no time to get bored. The exception in this pattern is the basketweave section at the beginning. It’s a 32 row chart, repeated 7 times. I just finished the 5th and I’m at that stage where I start to bargain with myself. What would happen if I only knit 6 repeats? Could I get away with 5? How long does it really need to be?

I’ll suck it up, I’ll be good and I will knit all 7 (because this stole is going to be GORGEOUS,) but I have to admit I’m already thinking about the next set of charts.


  • Donna said:

    Hey Caro! Beautiful work…as usual : )

  • Jennifer said:

    Oooh that IS going to be gorgeous!

  • stacey said:

    It will be worth it – it is stunning!!!

  • Kim U said:

    It’s looking beautiful! I just bought this pattern the other day, I can’t wait to get to it.

  • pamela wynne said:

    So beautiful — I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this color!

  • Miss T said:

    Wow, thank you for the link to this stunning pattern! I’ve been looking for my next lace project and hadn’t seen exactly the right thing until now.

  • meg said:

    wow, looking gorgeous so far. it’s going to be such a challenge. i totally admire that you are taking this one on. it’s going to come out so freaking beautiful.

  • s t a c i said:

    Pretty! Are those little beads I see?

  • Steven said:

    Caro — it’s beatiful! I especially like the dark colors. It’s quite striking. And I really like the little beads along the edge. Loving it!

  • Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) said:

    Isn’t the stage after “bargaining” supposed to be “acceptance”? Good luck!

  • FinnyKnits said:

    So maybe *that* is my problem. I shy away from patterns that have too much variety because I know my limits and my limits stop be in the face of any complicated project where I can’t rely on repitition to even out my work. But, maybe that’s just what I do need since I make those same bargains even though that’s the only thing I have to do. This is how I end up with too short scarves, too small socks, etc.

  • Chris said:

    Gorgeous – keep going!!

  • Stef said:

    Wow, that is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what the other flower-ish side looks like when you get there.

  • isel said:

    I am loving watching you work on this. The pattern is stunning. Although I must admit, my favorite part is the other end of the stole. So airy and pretty.

  • jene said:

    So lovely, Caro, just gorgeous. Will you bring this tomorrow? Better keep it close to you as I am sorely tempted to lure this little wrap into my car for a drive around the block.

  • maryse said:

    god that thing is beautiful. i just bought the pattern and i’m rarely moved to buy a pattern like that.

  • LaBean said:

    I know what you mean about the bargaining. I do it all the time. But perseverance pays off(but you knew that!). It will be gorgeous!

  • BlackRayne said:

    That is looking positively gorgeous so far!

  • alison said:

    I’m following your progress with a drooling kind of interest, since Hanami is in my queue. At least it starts with the tedious repeats instead of ending with them! This way, it’s like eating your vegetables, but then getting to have dessert. :)

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