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bow to your cute overlord

23 August 2007 1,994 views 30 Comments


Ahh, kittens. Bundles of manic energy one minute and crashed out asleep the next. Teek came home quite sick but has been recovering and regaining energy every day. He’s gone from the at-death’s-door, sneezing blood, sleeping kitten to the "terrorize my new sisters and no I don’t want to take my meds and I have toys to play with kthxbye" kitten in under a week. He’s still getting some time with the nebulizer, but we’re finished with the antibiotics thankfully.

I’m flying to Vancouver this afternoon so I won’t be seeing this little guy for a couple weeks. He might be all grown up by the time I get back. Wah! Yeah, well, not really, but behold! The Keymaster in all his cuteness. No kitten pictures for at least 10 days.

Now to plan what knitting projects I’m taking with me. Socks? New Husband sweater? Other socks? I know I’ll change my mind about 80 times before I leave the house.


  • Stacey said:

    Wow, that pic with the stuffed squirrel? otter? is so freakin’ cute. oh he needs a kiss. I can only assume that by “New Husband sweater” you mean a new sweater for the same husband and not a sweater for a new husband? :)

  • lekkercraft said:

    as far as kitty pictures go, these are some of the cutest i’ve ever seen! He’s lucky to have found such a nice home to live in :)

  • chris said:

    OMG, teh cute, it’s killing me!

  • Francesca said:

    It’s great that he has made such a quick recovery; he certainly looks lively. And awfully cute. :)

  • Abbe said:

    That is some hardcore kittie cuteness. Have fun in BC!

  • allie said:

    Awww… how cute!!

  • Mia said:

    There is no such thing as an overload of cute kitten photos. And he is like a little kid in that when he crashes, he crashes.
    And you do realize how that New Husband sweater could sound? It could be read to mean that you are bringing home a new husband. 😀
    Have fun.

  • caro (author) said:

    And whoops, yes! I meant new sweater for the Husband, not sweater for the New Husband.

  • Chris said:

    The cute, it burns, it burns!

  • Frarochvia said:

    The cute, it is PAINFUL.

  • meg said:

    dammit that kitty is cute.
    glad to hear he’s doing better. it was so hard hearing him with all that congestion. looks like bicoe’s getting a little more used to things there.

  • Danielle said:

    Makes me want to go find a kitten immediately. Or read a lot of I Can Has Cheezburger!

  • janna said:

    So cute! But a kitty nebulizer? I don’t even want to think about it!

  • maryse said:

    have fun!

  • niqui said:

    Oh, cute tiny kitty ! Oh, quel mignon petit chaton !

  • Meegiemoo said:

    Do Want!

  • john said:

    THE cutest kitten photos ever.

  • Sachi said:

    Was gonna post a comment but just died from cuteness.

  • Kyle said:

    cute kitty – thanks for the pix! :)

  • isela said:

    Cuteness at its best!

  • elisa said:

    am bowing down RIGHT NOW to my new cute overlord.
    that is all.

  • Madame Purl said:

    I swear that is the cutest face I’ve ever seen.

  • Jennifer said:

    OMG kitten is so freaking cute! *keels over* Poor little guy getting so sick though. The same thing happened when we adopted our puppy- he was ringing Death’s door-bell before he finally started to get better. Was never so happy to have a crazy terrorizing pup back as I’m sure you are now with kitty.

  • Terry said:

    I have to admit that I’m not much of a cat admirer – but! I am truly amazed that people can capture these kinds of moments, the “freezing” of the moment, when photographing their beloveds. Wonderful pics here! I am the same way when planning knit projects :)

  • FinnyKnits said:

    That is a priceless shot with the stuffed squirrel/lizard/dino/whatisthat? Seriously. He’s a very cute little thing.

  • alison said:

    Stop it! I can’t take it!

  • Donna said:

    That yawn is a killer – these are indeed super cute.

  • Minimolli said:

    I love the photo of his mouth open – such a good capture!

  • Oksana said:

    Here’s to the cutest overlord that ever was!
    I also really like the photographs–you were able to catch those split-second moments perfectly.

  • DebbieKnitter said:

    OMG, you have GOT to let me send you a picture of my kitty,he was a rescue kitty very very sick and only what the vet guessed at 4 weeks old. My neighbor girl brought him to us in a box, she left college and noticed a group of guys with a box in the street, she said they put the box in the street and grabbed beers and ran to hide and watch….she stopped her car and got out thinking it was just gonna be a funny prank and it was our now kitty in CONCRETE in a box, they were waiting for the concrete to dry and watch as he would have been hit.When she screamed and turned to see them, they ran but I reported the entire incident with her to the college and the police, never found though. Archie is his name and he still has his claws to this day as he was so traumitized by the concrete he RARELY uses them, he is a VERY good boy :) and we love him very much:) He has a new sister too, a 9 week old puppy named Gracie that he loves LOL Anyways, my point was that he looks JUST like your kitty…almost identical. Such cuties:)

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