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boxing. or is it bagging?

17 January 2008 2,263 views 29 Comments

I haven’t made any resolutions per se, but I wanted to use the New Year to tackle a few things differently. The biggest change for me is how I’m going to update the splityarn shop. Without a posting deadline or any pressure, I’d been making things in dribs and drabs. That wasn’t really working very well creatively or financially. My studio days weren’t producing much and the shop reflected that. This year I’m going to set a fixed schedule for shop updates. Every other Monday afternoon beginning January 21st, I’ll be posting new items. This week’s update will have black and white knitter’s zips and a few more needlecases.

I was hoping to add a few new designs to the shop and to do that, I monkeyed around with an idea I’d had for a few months. My knitting project bags used to small fabric totes that I’d made a few years ago. When we added a yarn eating feline to the house, I was forced to put my projects in something that requires opposable thumbs to open. Because above all, every knitting bag in my house needs to be absolutely Teek proof.

With the exception of a gallon ziploc bag for sock projects, most of my knitting has ended up in the zippered clear bags that you get with a new set of sheets. The construction seems quite simple; two rectangles, interlocking to make a cuboid. My hope was to try out my own version and possibly have a new product and pattern(!) to add to the shop. I grabbed some scrap fabric, two zippers (I didn’t have one long enough, so I faked it) and set out to make a small sock bag version.

The resulting box bag is cute. At 5" square and 8" high, it’s a great size, shape and I think it will work well as a sock project bag. The problem is that the construction was incredibly fiddly and allowed no room for error with seam allowances. I don’t think this one will end up as a regular shop item without some serious pattern tweaking. Certainly not with this shop update, but we’ll see if I can’t simplify the process. In the meantime I’ll road test this one and mull over my options.


  • shannon Richards said:

    It’s very cute! But I know what you mean about not wanting to make something over and over again to sell when the pattern is too fussy or else, if you’re anything like me, you’ll go a little crazy (no matter how cute it is)!

  • Julia said:

    Love the houndstooth fabric – very cute bag/box!

  • Danielle said:

    Definitely cute, and useful too. Hopefully, you can figure out a way to streamline the production.

  • maryse said:

    i think it’s really cute. i love that it stands up like that.

  • stacey said:

    very cute! love the inspiration!!!

  • chris said:

    EEEE! That bag/box is adorable . . .
    And with a yarn-eating kitten of my own, I have a feeling I’ll be a frequent visitor to that shop of yours, if you do end up adding it!

  • Valerie said:

    That was a great idea to reproduce this kind of bag. I hope you can figure out a way to make it easier.

  • The Feminist Mafia said:

    LOVE it!

  • meg said:

    i love the way it turned out. if it ends up in your shop, count me as a buyer.

  • Sally said:

    I need bunny proof bags, made out of material that can’t be easily eaten. Let me know if you come up with something in that area.

  • stinkerbell said:

    pretty pretty!!! both the bag and the socks in the bag :)

  • Ashley said:

    Put me in line if you do end up selling them, but I definitely hear you on the “too fussy to produce” tip–ask me why I haven’t been making my little wristlets lately.

  • Leslie said:

    This is a great design! Hopefully you can find a way to make it less “fiddly” so you can make lots.

  • Mandella said:

    The fabric and the concept are great. Hope you crack the fiddly problem.

  • Maya said:

    I adore the small project bags. I can hardly wait for the update!!!

  • chrispy said:

    cute box bag. I will definitely be interested when you get them up. I would really be interested in bags for larger projects. I knit a fair amount of sweaters.

  • Cathi said:

    Looks awesome! Is there any way you would consider doing something like that with a snap on the handle?

  • AMY said:

    ANOTHER homerun!!! I love it.

  • Silver Ilix said:

    Hey, the bag looks great! too bad you have to work more on the pattern, I hope it can be changed so they are easy to make!

  • sarah b. said:

    I love that! I keep a lot of my stuff in the sheet bags, too, so I would love that. I understand the need to make them more efficient to make and sell, but I’d love one!

  • anne said:

    CUTE! and i love that fabric. really really a lot.

  • Amy said:

    Ooh! I just bought sheets! Now I have motivation to get them on the bed!

  • knittingphilistine said:

    Perhaps an awesome sock project bag for a bunch of handmade soap is in order???

  • janna said:

    Cute! And I love the picture of Teek staring longingly at the knitting….

  • molly! said:

    That is so cute! I love your pattern, it seems so useful. I hope you can smooth out the kinks one day!

  • Anna said:

    LOVE the bag!!

  • Mintyfresh said:

    The bag is very cool–I have used a plastic bag VERY similar to that for years as a knitting bag. We got them as freshman in college, with random “survival” crap, and it was sponsored by Seventeen magazine. It’s embarrassing to pull it out, but it’s such a good, sturdy bag! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the shop, too.

  • kathy said:

    A very cute bag design. LOVE the houndstooth print! One thing that came to mind to make the construction easier would be to insert your zipper an inch or so below the top. That way it could be sewn flat to the fabric below and a strip of fabric above. The top strip of fabric could then be attached to your squared top just like a boxed cushion. You did an amazing job of attaching the zipper to the top but it had to be difficult curving it around a corner. Anyway, good luck and have fun working out your pattern, it’s sure to be a hit.

  • iHanna said:

    setting a date to update the shop is a great idea, I should try that too, but when nobody is buying I sometimes just forget about it! :-) I think the bags looks great, I would love a clear bag like the one you’re using – very smart! The b/w pattern is great too of course, but it is difficult to sew in “plastic”. :-)
    take care!

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