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27 May 2008 1,171 views No Comment

I’ll be honest, I feel a bit silly writing a page of frequently asked questions but I suppose that’s how it goes.

Where do you buy your fabrics?

I buy from a few different places. I’d love to shop local for my fabrics, but unfortunately nobody close to me is importing the yummy stuff that I like. Mostly I shop at Superbuzzy, Reprodepot and JCaroline Creative.

Where do you buy your labels?

I’m a huge fan of Namemaker. The 100% woven labels take about 4-6 weeks, but the quality is fantastic and they’re well worth the wait.

What kind of camera do you have?

I have a Canon Rebel XTi. I highly recommend picking up the fiddy lens to go with it. It’s awesome in low light conditions. Oh and get a remote too.

So, you’re Canadian? I thought you were from Texas. Or wait. Boston? Where ARE you anyway?

I am Canadian. I moved from Vancouver to Texas in 2004. In October of 2007 we moved up to Boston.

When are your episodes of Uncommon Threads going to air again?

Gah! I wish I knew. They were airing on the DIY network for a while, HGTV for a while and then both channels seemed to have dropped their craft programming in favour of more house renovation-y type shows.

What are some of your favourite etsy shops?

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