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shorter lariat on your P&S strap

29 August 2008 2,210 views No Comment

If you’re looking to shorten the lariat on your Splityarn point and shoot camera strap, here’s the easiest way to do it.

1. Leave the splitring on the fob piece (they’re a bugger to get on there in the first place) but remove the cylinder.


2. Push the lariat cord out through the cylinder. Retie the knot lower but be sure to leave just enough room to thread it through your camera and still get around the cylinder in a half hitch. (I recommend the Figure 8 on a bight knot. I knew those old climbing skills would come in handy!)


3. Thread it onto your camera with the half hitch.


4. Reattach the cylinder to the splitring.


See? Easy!

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