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holy crap, Rhinebeck

22 October 2008 1,885 views 18 Comments

You're undoubtedly thinking, "dude. I can't handle another Rhinebeck update from yet another knitblogger. Stop talking about how much fun you had!" Seriously though? Rhinebeck was awesome.

Minty and I were copycatting

I liken it to taking your RSS feeds, flickr contacts and Ravelry friends and dumping them all out into one place, in person, on one fairground. I got to the point where I'd met so many people that I've only known online that when I bumped into Brainylady Alison in the Brooks Farm Booth, I didn't even take pictures. It was simply "Alison! Hi!" "Caro, hi!" we chatted and then kept shopping like it was any old Sunday afternoon. How redonk is that?


So the question is, do you name names of who you ran into? (The links would take forever) Just post photos? Search for yourself on flickr? (A lot of those pics have me holding a beer. Please note that those pics were all taken within a span of 30 minutes. I swear. Ahem.) Maybe some combination thereof?

Jess, me and Scout

Finishing the day

Or maybe just head over to my Rhinebeck flickr set and get the gist from there. I came home exhausted, but happy. So exhausted in fact, that I left half my yarn in Kellee's car and didn't even realize it until she told me. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go collapse from such a busy October.


  • Steph said:

    It looks like tons of fun from what I’ve seen from everybody’s posts and photos. I’m glad you had such a good time!
    I swear. . . one of these days I’m going! lol

  • Ann said:

    OMG, Rhinebeck was amazing this year! That pic of you in the leaves sums it up perfectly. I remember seeing you outside one of the barns, but my brain was so overstimulated I couldn’t remember your name. Next year I’ll do better and say hello…!

  • mai said:

    it looks amazing! MUCH better than MDSW!!! i must go next year.

  • Jody said:

    Love your photos! It was an exhausting wonderful unforgettable weekend! Soooo awesome! I can’t wait till next year!

  • lori z said:

    it did look like a lot of fun!
    the fall colours are beautiful too.

  • Sara said:

    LOL… I saw you laying in the leaves for that picture while I was leaving the Rav daytime meetup and just knew it would end up here! It was awesome to see you this weekend!

  • Nell said:

    Good thing she told you about the yarn and didn’t try to swipe it!
    Glad you had a great time.

  • Abbe said:

    That noise, that’s my jealous noise. Looks like an awesome time.

  • Kim said:

    cute photo.
    I never tire of hearing about Rhinebeck – I’m going next year!

  • scoutj said:

    I think we should just bring our knitting to a beer festival next year. Screw Rhinebeck! Who’s on board!?!?

  • Stephanie said:

    I think my favorite part of all these Rheinbeck recaps that I should just be jealous of and get over with is seeing all the handknit sweaters “in the wild”. I know you’re all wearing them to show off, but seeing them all is just SO COOL. Thanks for taking all the pictures of them, to everyone who went to Rheinbeck!

  • Stephanie said:

    And, I just realized I spelled Rhinebeck wrong every time. Oops. My German brain must be on…

  • finnyknits said:

    I just lived Rhinebeck vicariously through you. THANKS CARO! Maybe someday I’ll make it to one of these crafty events. If only to enjoy a Bobcake.

  • Péitseoga said:

    Wow, the autumn colours are great! all shades from green through to red!

  • nova said:

    I am glad I ran into you, Caro! Yeah, I didn’t even think to take a picture, because it was like, “oh, it’s Caro and Minty!” I hope your November is as awesome as your October!

  • Maritza said:

    Dude, I can never grow tired of the Rhinebeck posts. Such gorgeous photos and everyone having such a great time! Awesome stuff.

  • gleek said:

    rhinebeck was uber fun!!! and it was so great meeting you in person finally! :)

  • alison said:

    It was fun — and crazy! — to see you there. Very weird in its non-weird-ness. :)

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