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13 January 2010 4,422 views 9 Comments

One of the places we always hit when we visit Minneapolis is Hell’s Kitchen for breakfast. When the Husband was there for a few months lo those many years ago, he stayed right around the corner from the restaurant. In early, he’d either get the walnut sausage bread or piles of toast purely as a vehicle to spoon up their delicious homemade peanut butter. Since I’m allergic to walnuts, I always went straight for the PB because man, is it good. You can buy the peanut butter to take home (which we did) and you can also buy it online (which we also did.) Shipping adds up though, and it was the kind of indulgence that is ok every once in a while, but way spendy in the long run.

As it turns out, the recipe was published in the Hell’s Kitchen cookbook (hurray!) (and here with the Village Voice) so this weekend we endeavoured to make our own. I don’t know why, but it sort of blows my mind that we can make peanut butter at home. It’s SO SIMPLE and yet I thought it would be way more involved. We followed the recipe to the letter, which resulted in the over roasting of the peanuts, but it still tastes pretty effin’ awesome.

You start out with some spanish peanuts, skins on.

spanish peanuts

The recipe calls for them to get roasted on a baking sheet at 375 for 50 minutes, but ours were almost burnt by the 20 minute mark. I’m thinking the oven should be way lower like say, 275. That’s the only way you won’t over roast them.

Once they’re cool, you put them in the whizzer to chop them up. (We got a food processor for Christmas, thanks Mum!)

in the whizzer they go

Do your best to ignore the kitten who wants to help. (I think really she was just begging me to get out the laser pointer)

try to ignore the kitteh

Mix in the honey and the sugar and the salt. (Next time I think we’ll add some habaneros. I mean, why not, right?)

add in the honey, sugar and salt

Stir that up in the stand mixer.

mix it up

And it’s finished. (It shouldn’t really be this dark, that was due to the aforementioned over-roasting)

homemade PB

Eat. Eat. Eat.

Why was I convinced that making your own peanut butter was so hard? It’s so ridiculously easy and there aren’t any preservatives. Doesn’t get much better than that. Nom!


  • Jen said:

    Nom is right! Looks good (even over roasted!)

  • lauren said:

    oh dear GOD I must make this immediately. Thanks for blogging the recipe! (PS HAI Mother!)

  • beverly said:

    My mouth is watering. Must. Buy. Peanuts.

  • k said:

    sweeeeet. i have been thinking about making my own for ages, now you’ve officially inspired me!

  • Bekks said:

    Will have to try!! You make it look SO easy!

  • britt said:

    how cool! you actually made peanut butter! fun.

  • Adrian said:

    I can attest that roasting the nuts at 275F worked perfectly. I shared the peanut butter with friends last night. They called about an hour later to ask me to marry them.

  • thea said:

    this must have happened after I’d gone – which is probably OK, since PB is my kryptonite. I crumble.

    I love that you call your food processor the Whizzer. Must coin this phrase in the future…

    And thanks again, my keyboard is still steamy from all the hubub!

  • Cynthia Gerdes said:

    Hey I’m one of the founders of the Mpls Hell’s Kitchen and want to say THANKS for the nice words about our peanut butter!
    Just in case your peeps don’t know about us, could you mention the name of the cookbook (DAMN GOOD FOOD) if they should ever want ALL the recipes for our award-winning restaurant? Thanks again…and I need to add I’m amazed your recipe turned out right the first time…roasting those peanuts can be a touchy thing…damn! the fun part is that you can hear my husband (chef Mitch Omer and cookbook author) yelling a huge f****KKKKKKKKK throught the restaurant when he burns a batch. And if anyone does get the cookbook (available at bookstores but if you want one autographed get it thru our website), beware: lots of swearing involved. Sigh. That’s “my Mitch”….
    thanks again

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