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22 February 2010 3,930 views 16 Comments

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Last spring (or maybe even the spring before,) The Husband suggested an art collection project to me. His thought was to take my beloved Fisher-Price sewing machine and to see what different illustrators would do to interpret the icon. The idea appealed to me greatly, but being knee-deep in other projects and in a state of perpetual distraction, I didn’t have the time to devote to sourcing out folks who might be interested. I just left the idea rattling around in my head as a Someday project.

Last month, on a particularly crankypantsy day for me, The Husband dug a stiff envelope out of a pile on his desk and presented it to me as a wee pick me up. As soon as I opened it, I started to cry. He had done all the leg work and commissioned a few artists he’d found to draw up the sewing machine. I have to tell you, I’m completely enchanted.

The first is by Grant Gilliland:

Grant Gilliland (the Gross Uncle)

On flickr as the Gross Uncle
I love the stark black and white and how the sewing machine knobs seem to be a face crying out with hard work.

The next one to arrive by Jillian Evelyn:

Jillian Evelyn

She’s here on flickr too.

(Seeing this reinforces thoughts of the F-P sewing machine tattoo I’d been considering.)

And my favourite so far by Thom Glick:

Thom Glick sewimg machine

(I find it amusing that in this blog post where he put up the sewing machine illustration that some of the commenters were all, “WTF? Why would someone request that?”)

Aren’t they all fun? I want to see MORE! I’m envisioning a wall in my studio with each one framed and continually adding more as they come in. I’m completely in love with this project.

I’ll throw it to you guys now. Who else should I get involved? Are you an illustrator? Want to take a crack at it? Ping me! Let’s set something up! (Many many exclamation points. Can you tell I’m stoked?)


  • Ashley said:

    Aw, that’s so thoughtful of B. And I think next KBC should clearly center on the acquisition of crafty tattoos.

  • Minty said:

    These are awesome! Such a great idea, too. Go Boon!!

  • Norma said:

    OMG, I LOVE the Glick one!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine said:

    Those are so fabulous! How wonderful that he did that for you!

  • Specs said:

    That’s so cool! I wish I knew some illustrators to suggest to you. I can’t wait to see what else comes of this!

  • Pam said:

    oh! oh! that’s so freaking awesome! I love the Grant Gilliland one especially.

    you should see if my friend Dave wants to contribute: http://davekloc.com/

  • Mariss said:

    That is so sweet! I love the photo with the actual ones in your collection. My knitting pal sent me over to check out this post :) As an artist / knitter / sewer, I’d be happy to take a crack or 2 at it. Shoot me an email with what you’re looking for and what size. Sweet hubbie!

  • thea said:

    Adorable! I love the idea and I absolutely love the illustrations so far.

    Points for hubby, too. He rocks.

  • grumperina said:

    Haha! Why wouldn’t everyone want an illustration of a sewing machine?!? Those folks know jack :). These are all spectacular. The idea of this is spectacular. And your husband is awesome for surprising you with this. LOVE!!!!

  • grumperina said:

    Oh fudge. I messed up the formatting. At least it’s not all CAPS :).

  • Jody said:

    How cool is that! Love the Glick one too – I can’t wait to see more!

  • Haddy said:

    This is phenomenal! What a great idea!

  • mai said:

    wow, this is awesome! Boon is so totally awesome for doing this for you!

  • Danielle said:

    What a thoughtful thing for B to do. He’s a good guy.

  • Heather said:

    Such a swell group of illustrations, these are so inspiring!

  • jen c said:

    sean maxey! http://neptuna.com/index.html
    he’s from vancouver. i dated a friend of his waaaaay back in the day (like maybe in the 90’s?). anyway, some of his stuff is really fun – his show posters were always my favourite.

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