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I went to a party in Martha Stewart’s office

11 August 2010 7,449 views 10 Comments

and didn’t really have much fun as I was expecting.

Don’t get me wrong, the offices are amazing. Full of light, well organized, a prop for every occasion and friendly, creative people out the wazoo. But when you cram 500 people onto one floor on a 95 degree day and the AC can’t keep up? Add in to that I was so hungry that I was approaching hangry (angry from hunger = hangry.) Well, that, my friends is a recipe for meh.

As part of the BlogHer shenanigans in New York City last weekend, the kind folks at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia held a cocktail reception for a few hundred bloggers and Martha fans. I piled into a taxi with my new pals Unlikely Mama and Working Mom Fence and headed off to the MSLO building.

Martha logo in the entryway

We waited in the lobby while the staff slowly shuttled us into the elevator up to the party floor. While we were in line, we saw Martha duck out another door and jump into her waiting SUV. No photos of that because it happened too fast. So we didn’t get to see the queen, but we definitely hung out in the palace.

Crammed into the elevator, I had that funny feeling when you know someone, but aren’t on your own turf, so you’re not sure if it’s them so if you think about it too long you’ll never know type feeling. Not one to be shy, I asked, and yep! It was Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting. Cue my immediate relief that I wasn’t the only non-mommy blogger at the party.

Once we had our nametags, we wound our way down the hallways until we were greeted with champagne. Champers and and frozen margarita pops on an empty stomach! Woo!

champagne bucket at MSLO

refreshing adult bevs

Once into the main room (normally used as a photo studio,) the party had stations where members of the MSLO creative teams were demonstrating various activities. There was a food table, a crafts table with glitter and glue and a whack of other tables demonstrating the various Martha branded tools available.

the light in this room was incredible

martha wedding stuff

Live tweeting was encouraged, so I took a moment by myself by the window to tweet about seeing Kay and met Eric, the gentleman who tweets for The Martha Show. Simul-tweets!

Eric tweets along with me

As we were getting organized to leave, I stuck my arm up in the hall and blindly snapped a pic to try and capture the craziness of it all.

packed hallway, but look! Annie!

When I was reviewing it on the LCD, I realized I knew someone else. There she was, smack dab in the middle. Annie Modesitt! We chatted for a few minutes about her newest design, Aliquot, in Twist Collective (I was the photographer for that one) as well as her design in Knitting it Old School. So great to finally meet her in person!


Another quick glass of champagne later and we were out the door. If asked to the MSLO offices again, I will definitely go, but next time I’ll eat first and pray there’s fewer people.

also, blurry because I'd had a few


  • Heather said:

    Caro this is so cool! You managed to take some ultra cool shots despite the mad crush of people everywhere. Glad you weren’t the only non-mommy blogger:)

  • Jen said:

    It was great to meet you at Blogher. The weather looks great for the Fiber Revival this weekend. The party looked awfully crowded. You should be able to move around more at a cocktail party. It was Martha’s offices, though and I am jealous you got to go.

  • mermaiden said:

    LOL, hangry. I get that sometimes.

  • Vicki said:

    I knew you were there (because of Kay’s post, I think)… kinda cool, though I totally get the not enjoying it so much because of the hangry pains (mmm, champagne & frozen margarita pops had to help some?) So interested in the rest of your experience… and would you do it again?

  • AnnieKnits said:

    I get hangry often. BTW – I got married in that building. I was hoping I’d run into Martha in my wedding dress (and visible baby bump) but alas…I did not.

  • lauren said:

    God that seems so bizarrely un-Martha to not have snacks! It kind of blows my mind.

  • Caro (author) said:

    Oh no! There were snacks! They were just sort of hard to come by. I had a spinach feta filo thing that wasn’t so delicious, so I kind of ignored the appys.

  • Specs said:

    Oh it sucks that it was so hot. There is no faster way to ruin a a fun event than by making your guest sweat excessively.

  • Laura said:

    Thank you so much for introducing me to “hangry.” I get this way myself, and now I have the perfect word for it.

  • Silver ilix said:

    Wow… what an adventure. Thanks for taking us along, very cool.

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