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[4 Feb 2011 | 9 Comments | 3,936 views]
sereknity, now!

After giving shawls the ol’ college try last year and still feeling lobster-bibby about them, I decided to try again but with a pattern more scarf like. I wanted something that would still be lacy and pretty, but that wouldn’t make me feel like asking for more butter and a shrimp fork.

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[10 Nov 2010 | 12 Comments | 4,428 views]
reknit and renewed

I am lucky to have a husband who is good about wearing the stuff I knit for him. Winter usually finds him in at least one hand-knit, sometimes two, every day. The original green seamless hybrid I knit way back in 2006 gets more wear than anything I have knit for me. Dubbed The Sci-fi, this is the sweater he would be happy to wear forever after the robot apocalypse. Clearly, this is a man who appreciates a good hand-knit sweater.

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[14 Sep 2010 | 9 Comments | 3,077 views]
the book! it is real!

(My Blogher round up post will have to wait, because dudes! THE BOOK IS IN MY HOUSE!)

Knitting It Old School has officially started shipping and has already landed on the doorsteps of many people. We got an advance copy a few weeks ago and I’m in love. It’s just so damn exciting. I’m also a little overwhelmed with the size of it. 43 projects! I think we must have been insane. And some of those projects should be counted as two, like Minty‘s Sock Hop sweater and knee-high socks set.

And Adrian’s …

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[10 May 2010 | 11 Comments | 34,200 views]
oh Kona, my Kona

Do you ever get hit with inspiration and you have to start a project RIGHT NOW? And finish it, RIGHT NOW? Of course you do. That’s what startitis is. I was hit with a crazy bout of this type of quilting madness last weekend. It was as though I hadn’t sewn anything in weeks and the ideas were just pouring out of my fingers. Being that I sew for a living, when the mood strikes to stay at the sewing machine on the weekend, I know I’m on to something.

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[30 Dec 2009 | 4 Comments | 3,186 views]
2009 round up

It feels like I didn’t really get that much knit in 2009 and that’s partly true. I didn’t really have much personal knitting or sewing time and if I’m honest, I didn’t feel much like knitting for the middle half of the year. My mojo has come back in full swing though and if my plans for 2010 work out the way I’m thinking, I’ll get a tonne done and I’ll be able to share all the secret projects too come Q3.
Let’s recap and nutshell this past year’s projects, shall …

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[14 Dec 2009 | 6 Comments | 2,951 views]
delicate lil’ thing

A few weeks ago I taggged along on a business trip to LA while The Husband was speaking at UCLA.  While I was packing the night before we left, I realized in horror that I had nothing on the needles to take along to knit. Well, I DO have a pair of socks, but ugh, they are not singing to me. I scrounged around in the stash and dug up some Sereknity Sock Options Good Harbor in the colourway Winter of my Discontent. I’d bought this yarn at SPA last …

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[7 Dec 2009 | 10 Comments | 5,662 views]
EZ, I do love you

I’ve knit a fair few sweaters for myself, but I was still searching for that perfect sweater.  The Husband got his on the first try, lucky duck, but I still hadn’t found that sweater I reached for when the temps dropped.  Actually, I do have one I reach for, but it’s cotton from Old Navy and isn’t going to last more than a few months, plus it isn’t…you know…wool. And I didn’t make it. So the quest for my go-to sweater continued. At the end of last winter, I got …

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[25 Nov 2009 | 6 Comments | 4,940 views]

At the very last minute before Rhinebeck this year, I decided to knit a Rhinebeck sweater. For those that aren’t familiar with the tradition, basically you knit a sweater to debut at the New York Sheep and Wool festival. In true Caro procrastination fashion, I ordered my yarn 10 days before Rhinebeck. Crazypants, right? Then when the yarn didn’t ship right away,  I panicked for a minute and then just zipped over to my LYS to grab two skeins of Cascade Eco wool to cast on right that second (exactly  …

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[8 Oct 2009 | 7 Comments | 4,881 views]
toque toque toque!

Can I just say how exciting it is to knit and finish something that isn’t secret knitting? It seems the whole of my time the last few months has all been secret knitting. (It seems like that because it HAS been all hush hush stuff.) Finally though, an FO I can show.
I give you Piper from the Fall 2009 Twist Collective.
I probably could have knocked this out in an afternoon, but after so much deadline knitting the last few months, I decide to really take my time with it and …

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[24 Apr 2009 | 140 Comments | 23,442 views]

Seems an appropriate way to celebrate 5 years of blogging; the Studio Raglan is finished. Finally!

The basic pattern for this started with Barbara Walker's Classic Raglan Pullover from Knitting from the Top. Realistically though, I only used the numbers for the cast-on and then just knit on my own from there. I was winging it almost the whole way but with a raglan, that's easy to do.

I'm fairly happy with how it came out, even if it's just a touch too big in the arms and the chest. When …