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[6 Jun 2011 | 7 Comments | 5,515 views]
life among the mosquitos

I know I say this every year, but there is nothing better than a weekend knitting retreat with your friends. Food, gossip, belly laughs, drinks, cheese, food, knitting. I think I should stop calling our KBC weekends a retreat, but I’m unsure what name to give them. Weekend of Shenanigans? Weekend of Cheese? Margarita Madness? I dunno.

We usually organize a swap of some sort for our weekends of tomfoolery (I’m just throwing names on the wall here people) and this year was no exception. Hats!
Heather (ADDKnitter) was …

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[8 Oct 2009 | 7 Comments | 4,825 views]
toque toque toque!

Can I just say how exciting it is to knit and finish something that isn’t secret knitting? It seems the whole of my time the last few months has all been secret knitting. (It seems like that because it HAS been all hush hush stuff.) Finally though, an FO I can show.
I give you Piper from the Fall 2009 Twist Collective.
I probably could have knocked this out in an afternoon, but after so much deadline knitting the last few months, I decide to really take my time with it and …

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[22 Jan 2009 | 22 Comments | 10,480 views]

On the flight home from holidays in Vancouver, I cast on for Thorpe with a scrap ball of Cascade 220 leftover from Husband Sweater #2. I had weighed it before I left so I knew I would be tight on yardage, but I decided to give it a whirl anyway. By the time I changed planes in Houston with only 3 rows left on the second ear flap, I ran out of yarn. I wove in the ends on the rest of the hat, spit spliced the tiny bits together …

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[16 Jan 2009 | 19 Comments | 10,104 views]

I knit Coronet back in December 2006. Again, like most of my handknits, it didn't see much wear in Austin. Boston, however, gave it new life. If it's cold enough for a toque, this is the one I reach for every time. The cabled band around the bottom is perfect for non-helmet-like toque wearing. It gives it just enough of a chunky weight that it doesn't suck down to your melon giving you that little desired Q-tip look. Plus it's perfect to wear straight across my eyebrows in that old-school …

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[5 Mar 2008 | 13 Comments | 2,756 views]

The Coronet toque I knit before we almost moved to Minnesota has seen a lot of wear this winter in New England. The Cashmerino while soft is not holding up as well as I’d like. It’s fuzzy, pilly and disheveled looking. As we move into slightly warmer Spring temps, I wanted to knit a new hat that would keep me from looking like a ragamuffin.
I picked up a couple balls of Rowan Calmer on sale a month or so back from A Good Yarn. In one evening of knitting (and …