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[11 Jun 2008 | 19 Comments | 1,933 views]

I've always been a winter kind of gal. Snow, sweaters, dressing in layers and a crisp chill in the air all make me giddy. But the truth is, I love summer too. I love to be barefoot and sit in the grass. I love green leaves, a warm breeze and hanging my feet in a pool or a lake. But there's a point though that it gets too hot for me. I'm toasty at the coldest of times, so anything above 30 C (86 F) pushes my comfort buttons.

I …

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[7 Oct 2007 | 13 Comments | 1,664 views]

The Austin house is empty. The moving truck has come and gone; our stuff is already stacked in the hallways and rooms in our Boston house. Two of the three cats are settled after the long plane ride tucked under the seat. All that’s left is me, Bicoe, the air mattress and all my tools. There’s quite a few holes to patch, paint touch ups, a little grouting and trim work before we can put the house on the market. The last few days have been all about hair in …

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[27 Sep 2007 | 16 Comments | 2,299 views]

I have a few general guidelines to moving that I’ve tried to follow. In your college years and early twenties when you move, you do it all yourself. 80 million trips back and forth in a car is really nothing. You give your pals beer and pizza and they’ll help. When you get to late twenties/early thirties, you hire a truck. You still pack everything yourself, but you’re better off hiring a couple guys to schlep all the boxes in and out. (Funny how your late twenties friends are …

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[22 May 2007 | 14 Comments | 2,488 views]

For a moment I had thought once the bathroom was finished the house remodel work would be done. Really though, is work on an older house EVER really finished?
One of the last next projects is the floor in the patio room. The previous owners didn’t tile under their crap built-ins (and how could they? Cute little mice had made nests there. Sheesh!) so that leaves me to repair their atrocities.
This morning I will set the tiles
so I can grout when we return from Vegas. (Vegas baby!) I’m motivated to …

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[18 May 2007 | 45 Comments | 4,420 views]

Our contractor estimated that the bathroom remodel would take 1-2 weeks. Having done this sort of thing before, I thought I knew better and planned for an extra week or so beyond the original number. Even with all that planning? We were five weeks start to finish with the hired guns and a week or two for me to find and install the doors, mirror and shelves.

We went 29 days without any means to shower or have a dunk in the tub so every second or third day we would …

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[12 Apr 2007 | 18 Comments | 1,736 views]

Our house has been turned on its head for the last few weeks, but we’re starting to see progress. We’re at day 22 of the bathroom remodel, but the tile is going up and the tradesmen have been here almost on time almost every day. My office, which had been the "I’ll just put this here" spot has been turned on its head too and reorganized too.
Tunnel? Do I see a light?

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[2 Apr 2007 | 13 Comments | 1,603 views]

Everywhere I turn right now is In Progress.

The bathroom remodel is In Progress. My knitting is In Progress. Needlecases are In Progress. Closet organization is In Progress. The car transmission replacement is In Progress.Keeping a sane mind is In Progress.

Top to it all off, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is covered with a layer of drywall dust and grime. I am in a spring cleaning kind of mood but my hands are completely tied.

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[22 Mar 2007 | 12 Comments | 1,618 views]

He was only two days late, but the demolition man finally arrived. (This is par for the course with sub-trades. Why is that?) It took all of two hours to gut the bathroom. He hammered off all the old wall tiles, chipped up the floor tiles, ripped down the old built-ins and hauled it all away. The next visit will be from the plumber to raise the shower head and reset the commode. Since this morning I’ve been dancing around trying not to think about peeing. Do I hear a …

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[19 Mar 2007 | 19 Comments | 1,649 views]

Thanks for all the birthday well wishes. We had tons of fun. Judging from the fact that Kristin and Meg didn’t leave my place until 3am (on a school night!) I’d say they had fun too. The tattoo and the camera are both in the works this week and both will get their own posts as they happen.
On to this week’s excitement.
One of the last house projects we have on The List is the bathroom. Remember way back when I mentioned what the horrible people who lived here before …

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[12 Mar 2007 | 8 Comments | 1,451 views]

In the midst of all the other shenanigans going on in Austin this week, I just got word that the sale has officially closed on my bachelorette pad in Vancouver. I am sad to sell it, but the reality is that we won’t be living in Vancouver for a few years yet and the timing was right with the market. Super fast too; from listing to closing in 15 days. Sweeeeeeet! Many thanks to my brother Jeff, who is the best realtor in Vancouver.
Goodbye awesome 30th floor yaletown view! Goodbye …