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[16 Apr 2007 | 33 Comments | 1,691 views]

While I was at Kid n Ewe in November, I bought some Brooks Farm Primero. It’s a 100% kid mohair laceweight yarn with a soft, subtle halo and a vibrant colour that sucked me in. It’s not quite red, not quite pink, but it has a gorgeous deep purple that runs throughout. I knew right away that it would become something for Mum for her birthday. (March 17th…that’s right, I’m behind on birthday knitting for two of three parental units now.) I only bought one skein, so I had to …

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[8 Feb 2007 | 21 Comments | 3,256 views]

Our house in Austin has been a hive of activity since I got back from Minnesota. New replacement windows in our patio room, painting, preparations for the bathroom remodel, phone calls to contractors and landscapers. I’m excited to get everything done NOW because each item that I tick off the list means I’m one step closer to living in the same house as my Husband again. He’s been in Minneapolis working for the last two weeks and while I can take care of the house stuff on my own, I …

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[2 Feb 2007 | 26 Comments | 1,535 views]

I love a short work week. I flew back from Minneapolis Tuesday night, worked for two days and I’m off again today. I finished up my last day of full time work in Austin yesterday and fittingly also finished knitting the Backyard Leaves scarf at the same time. I’d done the bulk of the knitting at the office, so I was happy to wrap it up there (I have the BEST boss in the whole world.)
Backyard Leaves had been on my to-knit list for almost two years, so I’m …

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[10 Dec 2006 | 16 Comments | 1,716 views]

The Husband sweater is far too big to tuck in a bag for commuter and work knitting, so I’ve been working on a few other projects midweek. Friday afternoon while the IT guy worked on my computer, I finished the first half of a Backyard Leaves scarf. The yarn is Brooks Farm Four Play I bought at Kid n Ewe. It’s a little hard to photograph accurately, but it’s a gorgeous sprucey green semi solid. I love it. I can’t wait to start the second half. I impatiently bought Scarf …

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[24 Oct 2006 | 30 Comments | 1,449 views]

The Daylight Saving time change is coming up which means it’s getting trickier to get the daylight shots I like. There’s simply no time after work, the gym, and an occasional adult beverage to set up a nice photo shoot. I’ve resorted to carting finished objects (ok, object, singular) to work for the finished pics. I didn’t have room in my bag today for the package I received in the One Yard Fabric Swap, but those pictures will be coming up later this week too.
On to the finished stuff! …