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[5 Apr 2007 | 31 Comments | 7,599 views]

Before I turned the heel on the second Cable Rib sock, I had the Husband try the first one on to ensure a good fit for a man’s foot. He commented on their squooshyness (although I think he used a different term) and said, "you know, down the road I’d like a pair of socks like these. They feel great." My heart raced a little. Did he just slide in a request for handknit socks? Holy freakin’ moses, I’d better get knitting. I didn’t want this opportunity to pass me …

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[28 Mar 2007 | 15 Comments | 1,579 views]

In all the upheaval of house renovation (new entry doors, no bathroom and random painting,) I have been knitting. Not a tonne, but a little. March seems to have evaporated and I’m not sure I have anything to show for it except a few inches of sock cuff and a thin film of dust throughout the entire house.
These socks are a gift knit and are way overdue. We’re talking end of January overdue. They originally began as a garter rib out of green Sophie’s Toes but they have magically …

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[16 Feb 2007 | 15 Comments | 1,391 views]

The Vesper Aquamelon socks are finished. I started the first sock three days before New Year’s Eve and cast off at 10 minutes to midnight. My intention was for the first sock of the pair to be the last FO of 2006, and the second sock to be the first FO of 2007. Didn’t quite work that way as the last 10 rows of this sock waited almost a month to get finished. Whoops!
Pattern: My own basic 66 stitch sock recipe with 2×2 ribbed cuffs, Eye of Partridge heels and …

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[28 Oct 2006 | 16 Comments | 1,315 views]

Just in time for the end of Socktober, I finished the Dublin Bay Strange Little Mama Socktoberfest Vesper Socks (bit of a mouthful, eh?)
Pattern: (pdf warning) the Dublin Bay socks from Mossy CottageYarn: Vesper Sock Yarn in the Strange Little Mama colourway. How do you get yarn named after you? So cool.Needles: Size 1 US Inox DPNsModifications: The first sock was knit with the one by one ribbed cuff. When I started turning the heel I decided I didn’t like it, so I knit the second sock …

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[4 Oct 2006 | 10 Comments | 1,187 views]

When Lolly asks, who can resist?

1. When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class?I cast on for my very first sock on January 1st of this year. (A pair of Jaywalkers in Socks That Rock, very fitting for a sock begun on January one, doncha think?) I didn’t have any one teach me, I just printed out the pattern and cast on.
2. What was your first pair?  How have they "held up" over time? I …

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[2 Oct 2006 | 8 Comments | 1,484 views]

Last October I wasn’t yet a sock knitter (oh how I have seen the folly of my ways) but this year I am gung ho for Socktoberfest (along with over 1500 other knitters!) With perfect timing, my new skein of Vesper sock yarn arrived (Strange Little Mama colourway.) It’s hard to get your hands on the Vesper because it sells out so fast, but when you do, it’s worth the wait. Pink, black and red is one of my favourite colour combos so at this point I’m thinking these socks …

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[31 Aug 2006 | 24 Comments | 8,447 views]

It’s still freakin’ hot as blazes in Austin. The only projects that can be knit in this heat (without massive A/C blowing) are small and light. Nothing that will sit in your lap, nothing that puts a single extra fibre on your body. That’s why socks are the perfect Texas summer knit and that’s why I’ve finished my second pair in 3 weeks. I started these on the plane after we left Dallas, finished the first sock just after landing back in Austin and knit the 2nd sock last week. …

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[19 Aug 2006 | 14 Comments | 1,921 views]

When I began thinking about the photo shoot for the Crape Myrtle socks I had some great plans. I thought I would drape them over a Crape Myrtle branch to better show the likenesses in colour and the hint of green in the yarn. (No such luck, the blooms are all off the trees.) I thought I might do a fifth position relevé in the dark green of our lawn to highlight the winedark purple and brown. (No such luck again as Austin is in a drought and our lawn …

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[20 Jul 2006 | 14 Comments | 1,342 views]

I’m a resourceful woman. Having worked in an environment where buying new pencils midseason could get you into budget trouble, I learned to scavenge and make do. Given a situation where the tools I need are unavailable, I’ll find something to make it work. A MacGyver in training if you will. Like today. Today I forgot to throw my knitting finishing kit (a change purse with a tapestry needle, a yarn threader and a yarn cutter) in my bag before I went to work. I had 8 rows left on …

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[15 Jul 2006 | 7 Comments | 1,164 views]

In Texas right now the Crape Myrtle trees are in full bloom. They’re a lovely combination of dark pink, green and brown and they are everywhere. You can’t drive down any street in Austin without seeing a myriad of these trees in all sizes. Seemingly inspired by the colours around me I dug out some Lorna’s Laces I bought at HCW a few months ago and cast on for a new sock. The green in the socks is spare, but I’m enjoying the brown and dark pinks. The pattern is …