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[18 May 2007 | 45 Comments | 4,420 views]

Our contractor estimated that the bathroom remodel would take 1-2 weeks. Having done this sort of thing before, I thought I knew better and planned for an extra week or so beyond the original number. Even with all that planning? We were five weeks start to finish with the hired guns and a week or two for me to find and install the doors, mirror and shelves.

We went 29 days without any means to shower or have a dunk in the tub so every second or third day we would …

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[11 May 2007 | 9 Comments | 1,494 views]

We spent a few hours doing some spring cleaning up in the backyard yesterday afternoon. Because they still don’t get along, we kept Bicoe inside so Indy could have quality hangin’ out time. My ol’ girl can still jump, eh? Not bad for a 11 year old cat. (And yep, I submitted the invisible ladder to ICHC. We’ll see!)

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[8 Sep 2006 | 14 Comments | 1,174 views]

As Claudia says, when you see a cat picture, it means there’s not much progress.

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[18 Aug 2006 | 8 Comments | 1,620 views]

I always get a kick out of viewing my flickr favourites as a mosaic because I’m immediately struck by the colour phases I go through. No matter what the subject matter, there’s always an underlying colour theme. I’m slowly moving away from the pinks and greens of springtime and into a blue and red phase. I’ve also noticed underlying themes in subject matter. Toys, sewing notions, cats with weird expressions, flowers and empty chairs.
What themes are in your flickr faves?

1. Untitled, 2. favorite beads, 3. mbshower4, 4. morran is …