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[10 Apr 2014 | 6 Comments | 38,506 views]
A Fox for Fox

One of the things I promised myself after quitting the day job in the fall was to learn a couple new quilting and sewing skills. High on the list? Paper piecing.

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[27 Jun 2012 | 8 Comments | 17,783 views]
Shoot It!

A few months ago I talked about teaching my first class in product photography for indie designers at Webs. A few people commented I should teach the class online. I had to bite my tongue because what I couldn’t respond with was, “I know! Wouldn’t that be great? Wait a few months and I’m going to do a class with Craftsy.com!”

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[17 May 2011 | 16 Comments | 8,953 views]
bite my shiny metal ass

You know how sometimes you’re watching TV and an image sticks in your brain? It sits there like an earworm and won’t go away until you do something about it.
When Futurama hit Instant Netflix, the husband and I watched full seasons at a go. Episode after episode,  day after day. I hadn’t seen most of it when it was airing, but I caught up and HOW. After watching Volume 5, episode 4 (Proposition Infinity) I had this image in my brain that I couldn’t shake.

(Oh Bender, I love you.)

I decided …

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[13 May 2011 | 8 Comments | 6,086 views]

Last spring, I joined up with two quilting bees. One, a bee with my KBC gals. The other, a whack of Twitter pals who all wanted to Bee it up.
Basically the way an online quilting bee works is that each person is assigned a month. When it’s your month, you pick a quilting block that everyone will make and then you mail each person in the group a bundle of your chosen fabrics to work up a couple blocks. (usually two, KBeeC does three.) Each person then has a month …

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[27 Mar 2011 | 66 Comments | 362,255 views]
easiest knitted sweater zipper install ever

One of the more dreaded knitting finishing techniques is installing a zipper. I admit it, I’ve never been a fan either. There are multiple helpful zipper tutorials out there, and I’ve used a few of them. I always came back with the same issue though; you lay out the sweater, you center the zipper underneath and try to baste in the zipper. The problem is as soon as you pick up a piece of knitted fabric, it does what knitted fabric does. It stretches and drapes and wiggles out of …

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[30 Jul 2010 | 11 Comments | 198,254 views]
the quilting four-patch trick (tutorial)

Having just pressed a quilt top for one of my bee quilts, I know that this seam-flattening trick isn’t well-known. If you’ve ever sewn a four-patch and always pressed to the dark side in both steps, you know how quickly that seam gets bulky. The 5 layers of fabric can turn into a hard nub that will break needles when you try to quilt over it later. I had a look around online and while there’s one or two references to this trick, there are not many clear photos to show the beauty of it. This works for 4-patches, 9 patches and anywhere you’re joining a whack of squares where you don’t want a bulky seam allowance.)

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[22 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 3,962 views]
stash down

When things get quiet around here, it usually means I’m busy sewing for the shop. I’ll pop a DVD in the computer and without the distraction of flickr or twitter, I can get a tonne of fabric cut. A week of that means I’m not around online much, but I can get so much done you’d think I have a sweatshop team doing it all for me. True to form, I’ve been slowly repopulating the shop with boxbags and camera straps.

There’s some new colours and fabrics coming, including some that …

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[8 Mar 2010 | 10 Comments | 3,947 views]
next stop, Wonderland

Way back ages and ages ago before we moved, sometime in June of 2009 I started working on a new quilt. I still haven’t blogged about it here, but I think it’s time is now. I’m not 100% in love with where this is going, but it’s pretty nonetheless.

I picked a block out of an old quilting book I have. The book is Scrap Quilts and the block is the Flying Squares. It’s a bit fiddly with one inset corner seam, but I’ve worked out a system to make it …

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[17 Mar 2009 | 8 Comments | 2,830 views]

I'm furiously working behind the scenes to prep for a decent-sized shop
update tomorrow afternoon at 4pm (Eastern.) If all goes well, I should
have a metric tonne of wee pouches in some cute new fabrics along with
matching long pouches. I also finished up some great SLR camera straps
in a cool faux-bois, some dark chocolate houndstooth and in my
favourite OMG Robots! fabric.

No box bags this time, they'll be in the March 31st update when we're back from Nashville. I'm adding all the official shop update times to the google calendar I …

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[11 Mar 2009 | 26 Comments | 2,922 views]

Remember waaaaaaaaay back in September of 2006 when I started that brown coin quilt? This weekend I finally finished it. Normally on Saturdays the last thing I want to do is spend another 8 hours in front of the sewing machine (hazards of sewing for a living) but I was feeling the need for an FO.

The quilt top had been finished for a while, so all that needed to be done was to baste the top to the backing and batting and quilt the darn thing. I chose the …