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[10 Feb 2009 | 13 Comments | 2,600 views]

As part of the Year in Pictures group I spent last week photographing the process of sewing camera straps for the shop. Just one photo to sum up each day.  I wanted to focus on some of the details that I get to enjoy every day while sitting at my sewing machine that others don't always get to see. Stacks of fabric, colourful pins and the magic when you turn something right side out and see that it's all coming together. It's so easy to get caught up in the …

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[12 Jan 2009 | 17 Comments | 3,554 views]

There has been a fair bit of behind the scenes email and flickr discussion about irons lately, so I thought jot down and share my own thoughts on the subject. 
I spend a ridiculous amount of time ironing and pressing. Not clothes, mind you (I'm allergic to ironing clothes) but fabrics and fusing interfacing. Over the last few months I've fused more than 100 yards of interfacing to fabric. Add in the fabric prep time and the in progress pressing and that's a heckuva lot of iron time, lemme tell …

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[6 Dec 2008 | 26 Comments | 2,428 views]

The sewing is finished, the pricing tags are on, the inventory is complete. I'm officially all set for Bazaar Bizarre Boston tomorrow. If you're going to be there, come by and say hi. Please don't be shy, I'll be happy to hear some familiar names!
Heaps of Box Bags,

Wee Pouches,

Long Pouches

and camera straps. (No pics of the SLR straps yet, I ran out of light for photographs)

Then first thing Monday morning I'll start listing goodies in the shop!

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[10 Oct 2008 | 14 Comments | 2,352 views]

Is it list time again? October is so crankin' busy this year.
1. I went to London for 10 days. I hardly took any photos other than Project 365 shots because we got the flu almost the instant we arrived. London Flickr set.
2. Box bags. I'm making as many as I can, but they won't go on sale in the shop until December because…

3. I was accepted as a vendor this year at Bazaar Bizarre Boston. I'll be sharing a table with the talented Stitchy McYarnpants. Sharing a table takes some …

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[18 Sep 2008 | 35 Comments | 6,620 views]

On Monday night at knitting I realized that I've been carting around my most recent project in a ziploc bag. While effective, the clear plastic doesn't have an aesthetic befitting the professional indie crafter I'm currently pretending to be. Time to make a new project bag. (At no point did I consider finishing any of my knitting WIPs to free up one of the myriad other bags I already own. I'm not sure what that says about me.)
I've seen plenty of box bags listed on etsy and floating around flickr …

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[19 Jun 2008 | 37 Comments | 2,909 views]

I love that sometimes the creative process is completely driven by the mundane. The desk in my office is rarely tidy and is usually covered in scraps of fabric and little bits of thread. There are a few other things that sit here and keep me company whether I'm sewing, computing or wrapping up orders. For one, my camera is rarely more than an arms length away.
Scraps, camera. Scraps, camera. I'd been thinking about it for a long time, but for whatever reason yesterday I grabbed a hunk of …

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[17 Jun 2008 | 16 Comments | 24,542 views]
rethreading a serger, the easy way (tutorial)

When I first started using my Serger, I was loathe to change the threads to different colours. If you’ve ever had to rethread an overlocker, you know what a super huge pain it can be. Tiny little holes way deep in the machine and there’s usually three or four threads to do. Mine needs some long handled tweezers, a sharp pair of scissors and heaps of patience. Somewhere along the way, my mum tipped me off that there’s an easier method. Thanks Mum!

1. With plenty of slack, using an overhand …

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[17 Jan 2008 | 29 Comments | 2,305 views]

I haven’t made any resolutions per se, but I wanted to use the New Year to tackle a few things differently. The biggest change for me is how I’m going to update the splityarn shop. Without a posting deadline or any pressure, I’d been making things in dribs and drabs. That wasn’t really working very well creatively or financially. My studio days weren’t producing much and the shop reflected that. This year I’m going to set a fixed schedule for shop updates. Every other Monday afternoon beginning January 21st, I’ll …

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[20 Nov 2007 | 9 Comments | 2,465 views]

Every morning this week I got up, I poured a big cup of coffee and locked myself in my office. My goal was to sit at the sewing machine for at least an hour to get the juices flowing. My thought is to use up fabric scraps and notions that I already have and shop from my stash until the New Year. The result this week: teeny little change purses. They’re addictive to make! I’ve listed most of them in the splityarn shop today and I expect more by the …

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[17 Jul 2007 | 22 Comments | 5,604 views]

When I add a new CD to the collection, I’ll often listen to it over and over until I’m almost sick of it. (Currently Tegan and Sara, So Jealous.) 3, 4, 7 repetitions a day and I don’t even blink an eye. It’s one of those OCD quirks that many of us have, so I don’t think it’s particularly weird, just mildly annoying to those around us who aren’t as keen on the object of obsession.
This same tendency has crossed over into my sewing since I’ve returned home. I have …