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[1 Jun 2007 | 49 Comments | 147,494 views]
sew a zippered wristlet (tutorial)

I’ve been making wristlets for ages now and I thought I’d share my recipe since they’re appearing with less frequency in the Splityarn shop (that’ll happen after you make 80 gazillion of something.) I wasn’t really thinking about it when I started, but choosing (notoriously hard to photograph) red as a key component to the project made for some challenging photo edits. My apologies that the pics aren’t quite up to snuff. I’m only posting the basic pictures here, but there’s more detailed photos and notes in the accompanying flickr …

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[2 Mar 2007 | 24 Comments | 2,259 views]

In mid 2004, recommended by another blog, I came across Name Maker labels. It was an extravagance at the time, but I thought it would be fun to have labels to put in my handknits and my sewing projects so I ordered up a small batch. The first time I sewed one into something that I had made, I was hooked. There’s a funny little thrill that I get sewing MY NAME into my project. I suppose it’s ego stroking, but I like it just the same.
It’s odd because I’ve …

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[4 Jan 2007 | 20 Comments | 3,687 views]

Thanks for all the good wishes about our move, it’s going to be a busy couple months. It would seem that life is a never-ending river of excitement chez splityarn; remember way back in August when Jennifer, Marisa and I flew to LA to shoot Uncommon Threads? Doesn’t it seem like it’s been ages? While the DIY network continues to air season one of Uncommon Threads, HGTV has picked up season two. HGTV! Included-in-most-cable-packages-HGTV! I stumbled across the listings the other day mere hours before the first episode aired. Set …

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[9 Oct 2006 | 15 Comments | 4,250 views]

I spent yesterday afternoon pretending it was fall. I wasn’t feeling well, so I put on some comfy housepants, tucked my feet into some slippers and made-believe the A/C pumping was actually a stiff autumn wind. The truth of it was the temperature was still in the 30s (high 80’s) and we’ve had barely a hint of fall. Not perfect Thanksgiving weather, but a girl can pretend.
A few months back, Mum had sent a care package of fabric and notions that I started sorting out and putting away yesterday. Included …

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[27 Aug 2006 | 29 Comments | 42,382 views]
How to sew a pencil case for your binder (tutorial)

When all the ads on TV start playing the back to school tune, I can’t help but remember the thrill of getting new school supplies. Mmmm, fresh Laurentien pencil crayons and brand new ultra fine point pens. This weekend I was motivated to put together a new sewing tutorial and what better project than a swank pencil case! This one will go perfectly in my quilting designs binder. (As always, click the photos to embiggen. For more detailed photos check my flickr set)

Here’s what you’ll need:

piece of vinyl cut to …

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[27 Jun 2006 | 24 Comments | 1,162 views]

This weekend while the husband was busy cheffin’ up breakfast quiches for us to eat all week (ham, peppers and onions – yum!), I did my part to encourage the behaviour by sewing up a pair of manly oven mitts for him. Black and red with skulls from the stash seemed rather fitting.
I used the Too Hot to Handle pattern from my much-used Denyse Schmidt Quilts book. In the ‘use what you have’ vein, they’re made with doubled Warm and Natural cotton batting instead of thermal batting, but the …

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[11 Jun 2006 | 12 Comments | 1,461 views]

Ever since I discovered that Zipperstop (warning: music) sells on ebay I’m always over there trolling for deals. Last week I caved and bought many many many zippers. $10 for 100 zips! Awesome deal.
They were barely out of the envelope before I resorted them by colour, took a couple of quick pictures and then started on the atomic blue wristlets. I can hardly contain myself.

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[4 Jun 2006 | 4 Comments | 999 views]

Project Spectrum last month was green and this month is blue. I didn’t get these greens done in time, but I’m going to pretend that they still count.  The fabric was some extra yardage I’d bought last year for the very first Back-Tack. I’m glad I finally got to use it too.
The green ones will go up in the shop later this evening. In the meantime, I finished another six of the blue stripey ones. Although they’re all cut out and ready to go, the wristlets won’t be ready …

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[24 Apr 2006 | 7 Comments | 1,297 views]

I’d been thinking awhile about how to tackle April’s Project Spectrum colours of orange and yellow. I’m trying not to buy new fabric or yarn for the next few months until I finish off some of the projects I already have on the go, so I went stash diving. For as much as I love orange, I don’t have many orange fabrics. And as much as I dislike yellow, I seem to be overflowing with it. How does that work?

A friend had kindly gifted me with Denyse Schmidt’s Quilt-It Kit …

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[18 Apr 2006 | 4 Comments | 1,876 views]

If it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve shown a finished object, that’s because it has. I realized yesterday that I hadn’t sat down at the sewing machine since the end of January (that’s the last time I posted anything on etsy too.) For me, that’s crazy. Part of the sewing slack stems from working on the house, but I know there’s a teensy part of me that’s not happy with my office set up. I’ve never settled into this space in a functional way and my desk is …