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[29 Jun 2009 | 15 Comments | 3,587 views]
gone fishin’

Well, not fishing exactly. More like ‘gone to Vegas.’ The Husband and I are heading off to Nevada for some sunshine and gambling to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. And lemme tell you, this weekend can’t get here fast enough. It’s been raining in Boston for what seems like forever. Vancouver winter amounts of rain. It’s redonk.
While we’re away (actually starting today,) the fine boys at Stalelife are going to help me revamp things around splityarn.com. There may be a little downtime and a glitch here and there, but by …

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[21 May 2009 | 13 Comments | 2,331 views]
always in progress

I know it’s been forever since the last shop update, but I promise there’s a good reason for it. Behind the scenes chez Splityarn it has been crazypants with fabric cutting and sewing.
Along with the next shop update, I’m also preparing for two events. The first I’ll be selling at is the Squam Art Workshop in New Hampshire on June 6th. You don’t have to be attending the workshops to come and play. In fact, there’s going to be a big ol’ Ravelry party that night too.
The second one I’m …

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[11 May 2009 | 5 Comments | 1,679 views]

Since I couldn't make it to Maryland this year for the Sheep and Wool festival, I decided a smaller, closer to home festival would totally work instead. Saturday morning Kellee and I jumped in the car and fueled by Dunkin' headed up to New Hampshire to hit the fairgrounds.

Ms Melanie met us at the gate and we wandered around for hours shopping and blocking the aisles while we ran into a few pals. If I was a better blogger, I'd have taken photos of all those folks we chummed …

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[26 Mar 2009 | 13 Comments | 1,420 views]

It feels like winter has dragged on forever in Boston. For the first time in years I've been longing for a little bit of Spring. Just a hint, a teaser that warmer weather is coming. Instead of waiting around here, we took a long weekend and zipped down to Nashville to visit some pals.

Y'all, it is most definitely spring in Nashville. Trees are blooming, flowers are coming up and the best part, it's backyard hanging out weather. Our pals cranked up the smoker for us and we spent three days …

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[22 Oct 2008 | 18 Comments | 1,885 views]

You're undoubtedly thinking, "dude. I can't handle another Rhinebeck update from yet another knitblogger. Stop talking about how much fun you had!" Seriously though? Rhinebeck was awesome.

I liken it to taking your RSS feeds, flickr contacts and Ravelry friends and dumping them all out into one place, in person, on one fairground. I got to the point where I'd met so many people that I've only known online that when I bumped into Brainylady Alison in the Brooks Farm Booth, I didn't even take pictures. It was simply "Alison! …

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[12 Sep 2008 | 10 Comments | 1,749 views]

Boy did that holiday hit the spot! Now to get back to the grindstone I guess. The full set of photos is here.)

(And for the record, I took the sock)

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[4 Sep 2008 | 26 Comments | 2,793 views]

Well, JulieFrick does and I'm not one to tell her no.
The Husband and I are taking some much needed time off this week. After a hectic summer we're heading to Minneapolis to visit some pals and kick back for a few days. (I never thought I'd vacation in Minnesota, but at least it won't be as cold as the last time I was there.) As always, the tricky part of travelling is deciding what knitting to take.
Ms. SotoSofties and I went to Windsor Button on a yarn mission yesterday …

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[4 Jun 2008 | 11 Comments | 4,007 views]

(Thanks Elinor, for letting us all poach this great mosaic)
I had the good fortune of going to Philadelphia a couple weekends ago to hang with an amazing crew of women that I've known online for ages. Some I knew better than others, but safe to say that they're all much much closer now. We knit, joked, laughed, snarked and gossiped our way through 3 days. I sincerely wish I'd had the gumption to organize something like this myself a lot sooner. Note to self: don't wait for someone else, just …

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[31 Oct 2007 | 5 Comments | 1,288 views]

Mum and I rolled into Boston late afternoon on Monday. I had a post planned with pictures of the front door, the beer I drank as soon as I walked in, the keys sitting on the table, something along those lines. Once my shoes came off however, I lost my mojo. We didn’t unpack the car, but rather flopped on the couch, drank beer and ordered Chinese.
This morning, rejuvenated from a needed day off, Mum and I zipped up to the home of the famous witch trials in Salem, …

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[28 Oct 2007 | 3 Comments | 1,221 views]

Our lunchtime stop today took us into Harrisonburg, Virginia. It just happens to be the home of the Virginia Quilt Museum. The beauty of planning a road trip with your mum is that you can schedule your stops wherever you want. We had a few knitting shops we were going to hit, but everything in the Shenendoah Valley seems to be closed on Sundays. The Quilt Museum is small, but very friendly with some beautiful old quilts. No photos allowed inside so you’ll just have to trust me on that …