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[11 Jun 2007 | 8 Comments | 2,646 views]

TV alert: The third episode of Uncommon Threads we taped last summer is going to air on HGTV tomorrow morning! (Old Cover, New Trick. I’m going to make a CD case in the same way that I make my needlecases.) Set the DVR, cheer me on and then please go easy on me if I say something goofy. (Or god forbid, high-five on national TV like I did in the first episode. Sheesh. I’m such a dork.)
I’ve been bustin’ a hump all weekend to put together a fat splityarn shop …

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[8 May 2007 | 26 Comments | 2,237 views]

If you’re a knitter, you’ve probably heard some of the buzz about Ravelry. I weasled an invite from Maryse the other day and let me tell ya, I’m in LOVE. (With Ravelry, not Maryse. She’s delightful, but I’m a married woman.) They’re adding new users every day and I highly recommend signing up for an invite. It’s still in beta, but damn, it’s goooood.
If you’re looking to start a new project, Ravelry will be the place to go. Yarn information, patterns, other folks FOs, it’s all there. If you want …

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[23 Jan 2007 | 25 Comments | 2,604 views]

Are you ready for the big one? The episode of Uncommon Threads where I demonstrate how to make a crafty bucket airs Wednesday morning on HGTV! I’m excited! (And nervous! It’s tomorrow!)
I first made the bucket two years ago as a stop gap for the knitting supplies mess in our living room. Since then I’ve been asked a couple times to write up a tutorial for it, but because I didn’t make any notes and kind of winged it (and I’m sort of lazy,) I didn’t ever follow through. When …

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[14 Jan 2007 | 26 Comments | 2,283 views]

Just a quick reminder, the first of our three episodes of Uncommon Threads airs tomorrow morning on HGTV. Check your local listings!

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[4 Jan 2007 | 20 Comments | 3,593 views]

Thanks for all the good wishes about our move, it’s going to be a busy couple months. It would seem that life is a never-ending river of excitement chez splityarn; remember way back in August when Jennifer, Marisa and I flew to LA to shoot Uncommon Threads? Doesn’t it seem like it’s been ages? While the DIY network continues to air season one of Uncommon Threads, HGTV has picked up season two. HGTV! Included-in-most-cable-packages-HGTV! I stumbled across the listings the other day mere hours before the first episode aired. Set …

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[23 Aug 2006 | 10 Comments | 2,149 views]

My dad was our official family photographer. He had a great eye and an innate sense of composition. He took photos that family and friends treasure as heirlooms. He loved to take pictures and had his camera everywhere he went. So, there aren’t many photos of Dad The Photographer. He was always behind the camera, never in front, but there is plenty of evidence of his craft. I’ve found there’s a parallel between my dad and his photography and me and my knitting. Everyone sees me knit, there’s a lovely …

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[14 Aug 2006 | 27 Comments | 1,925 views]

It was only 4 days, but it felt like 80 million.
You know how little kids get overstimulated at parties and then they’re exhausted and hyper and unmanageable? That was me until yesterday when I lazed about and didn’t get out of my PJs for most of the day.
(Yeah, cheap effect, I was in L.A. – What do you want?)
I hardly even know where to start, but let’s go with Day 1, when Jennifer, Marisa and I flew from Texas to California for the taping of Uncommon …

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[5 Jul 2006 | 18 Comments | 1,962 views]

Orangina is off the needles (!) and most of my current sewing WIPs are incredibly close to the finish line. I’m hoping to complete as many as I can this week because my time will not be my own over the next month. As soon as my recently ordered fabric arrives at the house I’ll be preparing 3 sewing projects for…(drumroll please)…the taping of three episodes of Uncommon Threads for the DIY network!
I’d love to pretend to be all cool about it, but truthfully I’m super psyched. Textile Fetish …